Client Testimonials


I make a reflexology with Stefanie a routine since I first went in for lower back pain and sciatica. I felt improvement overt time and now seldom have problems in that area. I a problem does come up (stiff neck sore muscle) she focuses on that specific area – and relief is soon.
For me, however, the benefits go beyond a specific area, as I feel an overall sense of relaxation and peace which stays with me for a period of time. I am grateful for this new found avenue to good health through this caring, warm, and most competent reflexologist.
Sharon W., La Verne

The reflexology sessions I received from Stefanie sped up my healing time after minor surgery. The bruising and swelling cleared up very quickly and I found less pain medication was needed after my surgery. Stefanie is very knowledgeable and skillful in her reflexology techniques and the sessions are always very relaxing.
Hillcrest Resident, La Verne


I tried reflexology with Stefanie at a friend’s suggestion. I was suffering severe pain from sciatica in my left hip, leg and knee. The various traditional treatments I had tried had not helped. After just one Reflexology session, I felt immediate relief from pain. I have now had more than ten sessions of reflexology in combination with physical therapy and my sciatica is almost gone. To me, reflexology is an effective way to remind the body of its own ability to heal.
Grace M.

I was desperate for lasting pain relief from fibromyalgia, when I saw an ad for reflexology in the local La Verne paper. Physical therapy gave immediate, but not lasting relief. I had used reflexology in the past; however, it was not the integrated technique of manipulating the ears, hands, and feet. I was later diagnosed with and still have lupus, which, like fibromyalgia, comes with extreme fatigue. Reflexology can give relief to specific areas. I often express neck pain, lower back pain, or the left kidney area. In addition to the reflexology, Ms. Sabounchian introduced me to Atlas Spinal Care (NUCCA), which in addition to my regular Reflexology appointments, compliments each other, and I am finally pain free for long periods of time. I am always totally relaxed during and after my reflexology sessions.

Pat Morrison, La Verne

My experience with reflexology has been one hundred percent positive. I first contacted Stefanie Sabounchian, a highly educated and skilled reflexologist, three years ago when I had a chronic arthritis pain in my neck. I noticed improvement after the first two sessions. The reflexology sessions, along with the exercises Stefanie demonstrated, have kept me free from the pain that usually accompanies arthritis.

Joyce Cool, La Verne

At the time I discovered Stefanie and reflexology, I was experiencing severe stress and anxiety due to menopause changes and a very stressful job. I was sitting in my doctor’s office and saw Stefanie’s flyer about reflexology. I took the flyer and felt a glimmer of hope that this mode of alternative healing just might help me – I was willing to try anything to feel better.

The rest of the story is history – I have been seeing Stefanie on a bi-monthly basis for the past four years. I no longer take anxiety medication, my heart palpitations have all but disappeared and I feel I have my health back.

The reflexology treatments have also helped with acute shoulder, elbow and neck pain. The treatments have made that pain disappeared as well. I really don’t know how reflexology works – I just know that it does!

In addition to looking forward to relaxing for an hour twice a month, I really enjoy Stefanie, a warm, caring empathetic, beautiful healer. I don’t think it was an accident that I spotted Stefanie’s flyer at a time when I was desperately searching for answers to regain my good health – Stefanie and reflexology have been a catalyst to that end. I am very grateful.
Barbara L., Phillips Ranch

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