How does reflexology work?

When there is an imbalance in one part of the body, a backache for example, we can feel it as tenderness or soreness in the corresponding reflex area at the feet, hands and ears. An experienced reflexologist can detect accumulated blockages in the reflex areas.

How can that be? What is the relationship between your neck, liver or sinuses and your feet, hands and ear?

Western medical books estimate several thousands of nerve endings (synapses) in each foot. The nerves go up the legs, interconnecting with other nerves throughout the whole body. An imbalance occurring in one part of the body hinders our bio-electrical energy flow to the reflex areas. When we are balanced and in harmony the energy can flow freely. Prolonged stress on the other hand can cause congestion around the nerve endings and hinders proper energy flow. By gently breaking down the congestions, the corresponding part of the body also experiences some form of relief. Balance and health returns to the affected area.

Reflexology Maps

Palm view of hands

Bottom view of feet