M A D E R OxX®Therapy

3 Days – 24 CE Hours for ARCB

The M A D E R OxX®therapy is a new reflexology therapy for mental stabilization, relaxation and to increasing body-, and selfawareness. The method is based on working on the dermatomes and affects all reflexology zones on the body. The used therapeutic wooden rolls work with a unique procedure and warmth on the body, which enables to work on all reflex zones on the body and to help the client to deeply relax and to calm down. The M A D E R OxX®therapy can be used on very young up to very old clients.

This new complementary reflexology method that originates from Switzerland supports clients with anxiety disorders, trauma (especially with PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder), depressive moods, chronic pain, sleep disorders and many other disorders. The M A D E R OxX® method is a “Client Centered Based” body-reflexology that is carried out with moderate pressure. Clients who receive this moderate pressure therapy benefit from a deep somatic effect and many other positive properties.

The M A D E R OxX®-therapy was once developed for people with anxiety disorders and therefore offers a new form of therapy that includes all criteria that are needed for a TIC “Trauma Informed Care”. The therapy processes were developed in a way that the method can optimally support therapeutic interventions (e.g., before or after a session with a psychologist/psychiatrist). The M A D E R OxX®-therapy is working with distance and if required can be given gradually e.g., if working on clients with fear of body contact, because the unique therapy procedure enables to learn “step by step” to experience physical contact tolerable again.


In this class you will learn:
  • History and Philosophy M A D E R OxX®
  • Some History of TraumaWhat does Trauma Informed Care Mean4R’SThe Traumatized Brain and Which Therapies Help to Change the Brain
  • What Do the Two xX Means
  • Summary From a Large Scaled Study About Wood in Reference to M A D E R OxX®
  • Touch and Oxytocin
  • Summary From a Large Scaled Study About Moderate Pressure Therapy in Reference to M A D E R OxX®
  • Summary Testings with M A D E R OxX®
  • Some History About Reflexology
  • The Skin and It’s Receptors in Reference to the M A D E R OxX®-therapy
  • Dermatomes
  • Head Zone
  • Nerve Cords
  • „Gate Control Theory“
  • Right and left brain
  • Corpus Callosum
  • Trauma, Fear of Contact and Skin Diseases
  • Therapeutic Material and Its Indication
  • Anchoring Heart Technique
  • How to Use Music in a Session
  • Person Centered Care
  • Further Instructions for Practicing
  • Learn the Technique and How to Use the M A D E R OxX®-Therapy Professionally in Your Working Session and Practice

You will be given an illustrated manual, access to a video construction during exercise time and we lean you a full therapeutic-set to practice for one month (free of charge).

Who Can Attend:

This workshop is ideal for Reflexologists, Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, Physical Therapists, Trainers, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Doctors & Nurses, and all others in the caring arts.  Please check within your own state for license requirements.

You should be interested in body-reflexology and like to support clients with anxiety disorder, a traumatic background (PTSD), depressive moods, fear of contact, chronic pain and other diseases with the M A D E R OxX®-therapy.


Sandra Ulrich (Developer), Switzerland







Barbara Gluekler (President Reflexology Association Switzerland), Switzerland







Stefanie Sabounchian (NCRE Certified Reflexology Educator), USA

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